Wonder what the Top Selling Private Quarters Products Are?

Did you ever wonder what the top 20 Private Quarters Products are? Did you know they compose over 50% of our sales?   For August through November 2010, they are:

  1. Serenity Plush Sheets 
  2. Deluxe Featherbed
  3. Bamboo Sheets
  4. North Woods Throw
  5. Seacell Sheets
  6. Deluxe Mattress Pad
  7. Cabin Plaid Throw
  8. North Woods Vest
  9. North Woods Blanket
  10. 600 Count Sheet Sets
  11. 400 Count Sheet Sets
  12. Bamboo Towels
  13. 300 Count Sheet sets
  14. Manor Crest Blanket
  15. Superior Feather & Down Pillows
  16. Touch of Mink Throws
  17. Superior Down Comforter
  18. North Woods Robe
  19. North Woods Slippers
  20. Superior Featherbed

If you are looking for great gifts, or would like to have your personal bedroom & bathroom (and comfortwear) remind you of a 5-star hotel, look to Private Quarters to help you make that possible.   For more information, email me at mcguinee@4cimgmt.com  ;  I am Marianne Guinee, Providing Comfort for your Life with Private Quarters!

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